"It's in the van, man."

City Councilors in Augusta have said no and enacted a moratorium to letting a business owner set up a camper-trailer and sell medicinal marijuana from it.  No, we don't know if he wanted to do it down by the river.

To look at, you know, a travel trailer sitting up on blocks isn’t the setting I feel legitimate patients would tend to want to go to, unless it’s pure convenience”, said Cathy Cobb a Planning Board member, according to CentralMaine.com.

Augusta resident Giovanni DelVecchio, who owns Weed On Wheels Maine had asked the Augusta Planning Board permission to set up a renovated camper-trailer on a permanent location somewhere within the city.  The Council denied his request and are now considering an ordinance that would ban such a thing forever.

It’s easy to say no to something we don’t understand,” DelVecchio expressed to the Council according to CentralMaine.com.

Members of the Augusta Planning Board had a variety of concerns about letting someone sell marijuana from a camper.  Among them, a camper could be easily be broken into or stolen entirely, it wouldn't be hitched up to City water or sewer, and then of course just the general look of selling weed from a camper within City limits.

Maybe to soon for such a thing?

The City will now look into banning sales of both medicinal and recreational marijuana from a vehicle of any sort, although City Councilor Eric Lind did say that he thought DelVecchio and any other proponents should have their say first. “Whether you agree or disagree, and I have many concerns with this. I do think it would be a good thing to allow that person to tell his story", said Lind.

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