The Holden Police Department put out a call for anyone with information on the whereabouts of a Holden woman who's been missing for six months now, to come forward.

In a post on their Facebook Page, the Holden PD mention she may no longer be in the state of Maine.

"Holden PD received a report that Emily Gallant (age 30) has been missing since July 2021. She was last known to be in New York state. If you have any information about Emily's whereabouts, please call Holden PD at (207) 843-5442."

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Multiple comments on the page also plead with Gallant to call home and check in with her family, if she is able.

A friend reported Emily missing.

Emily Gallant is described as 5'9 with green eyes and brown hair.

According to the Holden Police Department, there have been 73 missing person cases since January 2010.

The state of Maine currently has 34 missing person cases, according to the website.

"The Maine State Police Major Crimes Units often assist other law enforcement agencies with or fully investigate reports of missing persons, especially if suspicious circumstances exist. Our objective is to locate these missing individuals and pursue justice against those who caused their disappearance or death through criminal means. We urge anyone with information regarding any missing person case to contact us or the investigating law enforcement agency."

The website worldpopulationreview has the total number of missing people, as of 2021, in the state of Maine at 108. They have California at the top of the list of missing people, with 2133 people unaccounted for. Rhode Island has the least amount of folks who are missing, coming in with 20.

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