Years ago, I saw one of those lumberjack shows on Route 1A headed towards Bar Harbor. It was pretty cool. It really is amazing all the things you can do with a chainsaw. I mean, it really is just a powered knife in its own way. Like any tool, if you handle it delicately, you can do delicate things with it.

But one thing you don't see very often at lumber shows is women. Sure, you may generally see some in the crowds, but not nearly as often do you see them actually running the saws or throwing axes. But hey... we like to do things differently in Maine. That's why we have the Axe Women Loggers of Maine.

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The women that make up this team are at the very top of their game. Sure, they all have other day jobs, but don't be fooled.... these women are top competitors in their field. Basically everyone on the team is a world or collegiate champion in logging sports. Not an easy feat, considering it's typically a male dominated sport.

But these women are all about what they do, and showing people they've got all the same real skills. And skills they've got! I was looking at photos on their website, and it's amazing the things they're doing. Whether it's throwing axes, or saw skills, or what have you, they operate at the highest competitive level.

Alissa Wetherbee, who owns and runs the team with her husband, said they're trying to break down these walls and stereotypes, and that women should give it a go. She recently said this to Fox Bangor:

We just want women and other girls to think even though it’s a sport where not many girls are in, just try it and you never know, you might be really good at it.

If you're interested in seeing what they do up close and personal, they'll be doing demonstrations this weekend at the Maine Forest and Logging Museum in Bradley, out on Route 178 where Leonard's Mills is. Bring earplugs.... I imagine it's gonna get loud and awesome.

And if you think I'm kidding, check out how hardcore these ladies are in this video.

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