When the Animal Care Manager of your facility describes a pup as "the best boy" you know there's got to be something special about that dog. Meet Rocco. He's a bit of a heart-throb. At first glance, we'll admit, this 1-year old Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix is nice to look at. One might even call him gorgeous, with those baby blue eyes and that ear-to-ear grin.

But there's no much more to Rocco than his good looks.

Rocco, we're told, likes to go on long walks (on the beach?) or car rides (to the beach?). He loves adventure and exploring (the beach?) and even does well on a leash. He's a deep thinker, and a quick learner. If he had opposable thumbs, he'd probably pop the cork on your favorite bottle of wine, and cook you dinner, too.

You should know, however, that Rocco is not into open relationships. He's primarily interested in a situation where he can be your one and only.  So if you have other small fur-babies, or even real babies, Rocco is probably not a good match for you. Call it immaturity (he is only one, after all!) but he's just not willing to share his love, at the moment. And who could blame him? I mean, look at that hair! Stunning!

Perhaps with some patience and training (I mean, it does take some effort to mold the right one into the right one...right?) he could mature into more of a well-behaved and open minded love bug. But for the time being, just knowing his big blue eyes will be trained only on you (until a squirrel or a sheep happens by)...who wouldn't want to be in that situation?

Interested in taking Rocco home? (Of course you'll have to buy him dinner and drinks first. We're told Science Diet and hose water are top on his list of preferences--he may be gorgeous but he has standards.) Just contact the SPCA of Hancock County through their website, https://www.spcahancockcounty.org/, or by calling them at  (207) 667-8088.

While their no-kill facility at 141 Bar Harbor Rd. in Trenton is closed to the public, due to the spread of COVID-19, the SPCA of Hancock County still has animals available for adoption. You can also help by making a donation. They'll even take your returnables and put them to good use, helping fabulous fur-friends like Rocco!


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