Sounds like a Red Snapper drive by in the Washington County town of Baileyville to ring in the New Year!

While not as widely followed as the infamous Bangor Maine Police Department Facebook page, the Baileyville Police Department's postings are always interesting, sometimes heartfelt and sometimes funny.  But one thing is always for certain, the Chief and cops there thoroughly enjoy being an important part of the community and meeting up with the members of it.

This New Year's Day they'll be out serving up free red hots from a stand in the Department's parking lot to folks in their trucks and cars. "Let’s get 2020 the hell out of here and usher 2021 in with a free hot dog", today's Facebook post informs us.

Man, if we weren't 91.4 miles away we'd pull the van in for a weenie just to meet these guys!

"Only red hots dogs will be served. This is still Maine after all."  We love it!

Kudos to the men and women of the Baileyville Police Department.  Here's to a much better 2021, which will already be off to a great start because of you!

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