Folks in Bangor now have a new place to bring their bottles and cans. Fairmount Redemption, located in the back section of the Fairmount Hardware building on Hammond Street, opened for business last week.

We spoke with business owner, Sheldon Hartstone, who's family has owned the Hardware store since 1950, last fall. He said plans to use the back area of the hardware store as a redemption center had been in the works for over a year.


According to a story by WABI, when Hartstone initially came forward with his plan for the addition, it was denied. But last summer, the EPA reversed that decision, and he was granted approval to move forward.

Fairmount Redemption 1-Cori Skall

Some minor construction had to be done to the site, before it could open. But when that was completed, Hartstone worked to put the finishing touches together, and the new facility finally opened this month.

Fairmount Redemption 3-Cori Skall

The location of the new Fairmount Redemption Center, located at 569 Hammond Street in Bangor, is also home to Fairmount Storage, The Ice Cream Saloon and Fairmount Hardware.

Hartstone, who took the original family business over from his father in 1960, said he hopes this new addition will provide not just folks in the Bangor area with another option for their redemption needs, but that people in surrounding towns will also have a place to bring their recyclables.

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