The Bangor Humane Society has had to get "creative" with it's fundraising efforts this year, as a lot of other organizations have in the wake of Covid-19.

"Un-leashing" their imaginations, the artistic masterminds at BHS have come up with a truly one-of-a-kind way to honor your pet, while helping animals in need.

Starting today, the organization is launching their first ever "Poorly Drawn Pet Portrait" Fundraiser. For a donation of $20, you can have a local artist capture your precious pooch or fabulous feline's likeness. But Kathryn Ravenscraft, Director of Development with the Bangor Humane Society, says there is one catch:

"By their own admission, most of the volunteer artists they've recruited probably couldn't draw their way out of a paper bag, which is the part of the fundraiser that promises to bring a lot of laughs. While some bona fide local artists have signed on to help, including the Bangor High School Art Club, many volunteers have no real art experience. You might get a really great portrait, and you might get a stick figure... Either way, your pet's image will be preserved forever in all of it's hilarious glory."

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For example, submit a photo like this...

Lavender Courtesy: Stray Duck Foto

You could get a lovely drawing like this one!

Poorly Drawn Pet Portrait, Lavender Courtesy: Bangor Humane Society

Ravenscraft says all the details on how to order and how to submit a photo of your pet are right on their Facebook Page. The Bangor Area Homeless Shelter is the largest organization of it's kind in the region, and hopes to raise at least $10,000 with this latest fundraiser. Ravenscraft says each year about 3,000 animals make their way through the doors of the Humane society. The money raised through the Poorly Drawn Pet Portraits will help the organization care for all of them.

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