Great news if your a fan of food trucks.

Bangor Parks & Rec announced today on their Facebook page, that food trucks will be setting up on the waterfront. Lord knows, for a lot of this, this is a major piece of good news. We've all been eating Fluffernutters and take-out pizza for weeks, and it will be nice to have some new options.

Granted, a lot restaurants have been offering takeout and curbside service, but at this point, I feel like I've exhausted most of my local options, and am looking forward to eating some different things. According to the Facebook post from BP&R, there are already 5 vendors that are getting going.

According to the post, Pompeii Pizza, JJ's Jerk Shack, MELT, Casa Mexicana, and Wild Cow Creamery are getting ready as we speak. Granted, it's going to be a little different than it used to be. It won't be quite as simple as just walking up and ordering, so be patient while the owners and customers alike, figure out the process.

But much like regular take out, you'll want to call ahead to place an order. Other vendors are going to be integrating online ordering, etc. So you'll definitely want to follow these folks on Facebook, so you can check out their hours, and preferred ordering methods. But again, it's no different than you're already doing anyhow.

Like I said, I could not be more excited just to have some different food. We'll see if more vendors come along over the course of the summer, too. But right now, I'm going to start priming my grocery hole for some nearly forgotten taste sensations. Goodbye dry chicken cutlets from my oven. Hello good food!!

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