When COVID came screaming at us back in March, the Bangor Mall Cinemas were an early casualty in the array of businesses that were closed due to the pandemic. While many other types of business were able to adapt and offer some kind of service to their loyal customers, movie theaters posed to big a risk.

Fast forward to July, and the theaters were opening up again, they were still showing old fan favorites. So even though the doors were back open, without first run movies, it still didn't quite feel like the real thing. Sure it's nice to have a tub of popcorn, and sit on those killer recliners in the dark, but it still kinda felt like watching reruns on the couch.

But according to WABI - TV5, they now have a couple brandy new, first run movies that just kicked off over the weekend. Granted, there's only two, being 'Unhinged' and Words On Bathroom Walls', but that's two more than anyone has been able to go see since March, a solid 5 months ago... Almost half a year!

For obvious reasons, it's a little different around there if you haven't been recently. There won't be as many people in the seats, so as to maintain social distancing guidelines, and they'll be doing extensive deep cleaning between shows to keep things safe. And they're only open until 8:00pm.

Of course, like most businesses, you'll need to wear a mask in the common areas of the theater, but can unmask at your seat. There's some good news along with all the changes though too. All shows are only $6.00, all times of day. SO that shaves a few bucks off a normal trip to the movies, meaning you can buy more Junior Mints!

We all want things to be back to normal, that's obvious. But for now, a little slice of normal is better than none at all. And years from now, you can tell your kids and grandkids about the great pandemic where first run movies could be seen for just six bucks! They'll never believe anything you say again.

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