While it may not yet feel like it's time to think about Spring, those "in the know" are already counting down the days until seeds for fruits, veggies, and flowers can go into the ground and get ready to grow!

Apple leaf with ladybug and raindrops in the garden on spring

Each year, the folks at the Bangor Public Library make both the methods and the knowledge of growing your own garden available to anyone wanting to get into the business of bulbs and buds.

The Library's Annual Seed Giveaway is right around the corner.


According to the Bangor Public Library Website, the event will take place on March 23rd, from 10 AM to 2 PM in the lobby of the second floor.

"This is the day we will be putting our seeds out. Come by between 10 and 2 to get your questions answered by a Master Gardener. Seeds and information will be available in the 2nd-floor lobby. The remaining seeds will be available in the same location until we run out."


"Gardening tips and information from UMaine's Co-operative Extension Service will be available for you to take home.

A sampling of books from our Gardening Collection will be on display and available for checkout."

And take it from me, those folks from the UMaine Cooperative Extension know what they're talking about when it comes to helping things grow.


Whether it's your first time trying out your green thumb, or you have a whole lot of gardening experience under your belt, make sure to check out the seed giveaway, if only to pick up some free seeds!

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