Have you ever not noticed something until someone else brings it up?

This happened to me yesterday. I was cruising through Reddit and saw this post from u/DeltaS4Lancia, asking if anyone else noticed that Mainers talk louder than people from away. And at first, I thought there was nothing to consider. But then I actually thought about it and wondered if we actually do yell at everything?

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I've often been in a business, or talking to someone on the street, or whatever, and occasionally thought to myself, "why are we yelling?" Sure, background noise is a thing, but I've noticed there is a subgroup of Mainers who seem to kind of yell/talk in public. Like maybe they want everyone to hear them? So is it a thing?

Redditors were divided in the comment section.

Some immediately felt like I did, as though a light went off, shining with pure logic. But then others pointed out they feel like they're always asking people to speak up. So immediately I assumed those were probably the folks doing all the yelling. Not in an angry way, just overtly loud talkers.

Others in the thread asked the very obvious question, "Have you ever talked to someone from Massachusetts?" And I also think that's a valid point. So it's possible it isn't about the geography, it's more about the individuals. But I really believe it's a thing up here.

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Between our aging population (no offense intended) and our enthusiastic nature as Mainers, I think we probably are loud, gregarious creatures. Maybe we should all take some time to check ourselves before we wreck someone's ear drums. Or, just do what I do... Tell everyone you've been drumming for 40+ years... Immediate sympathy. Try it out...

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