I'll admit, my favorite parts of watching the Winter Olympics are always the figure skating events. Watching those athletes glide across the ice, moving in ways that seem to defy gravity and physics...it's inspiring.

And it's amazing to think that a lot of those athletes started with nothing more than a dream. And it's likely that they participated in skating competitions on a smaller, more local level.

Woman and man ice skating. winter outdoors on ice rink. ice and legs

Lucky for those of us in eastern Maine, there's a skating competition taking place right in Bangor at the end of the month.

The Bangor Parks and Rec Department along with Sawyer Arena are sponsoring "The Compete USA Learn to Skate Competition".

The competition will take place from noon to 3:30 PM on Saturday, February 26.

There are a few requirements for those who want to participate:

"The competition is open to all skaters who are current eligible (ER 1.00) members of either Learn to Skate USA and those who are full members of U.S. Figure Skating. Members of other organizations are eligible to compete but must be registered with Learn to Skate USA or a member club.  Eligibility will be based on skill level as of the closing date of entries. For the Pre-Free Skate, Free Skate 1-6, Excel, Well Balanced, and Adult levels eligibility will be based only upon highest free skate test level passed."

If you or your child are involved in lessons through Bangor Parks and Rec, you are already a member and eligible to take part.


There is an entry fee for each event a skater enters to compete.

For more information, or if you want to register, check out the link on the Bangor Parks and Rec website.

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