Oh what to do for school break with your children. You can fill your student's April vacation with hands-on STEM learning.

Challenger Learning Center of Maine is hosting 5 action packed days to celebrate learning this spring break. Students meet virtually with a Challenger staff member one hour each day but the fun experiments can extend past the camp time. And all the materials needed for the activities and experiments will be mailed to the students.

The Challenger April Virtual Vacation Camps 2021 is the week of April 19th, but due to needed time to ship out the materials your child will need, registration closes April 14th.

Is it a liquid?  Is it a solid? That's just one day. Have you ever wondered what it's like to be an astronaut living in space? There's another day. There's a mysterious creature afoot and it's your job to identify it.  Right, that'll be nature day. And one day they'll create their own rockets and attempt to figure out just how vast our solar system is. Day after day of interesting learning activities.

Here's a review of last month's camp "I wanted to sincerely thank you and the Challenger staff for a great week of camp.  My son had a great time. I love how engaged he is with your sessions and the experiments" - Parent/February Camp.

One more: "I just wanted to say, my daughter has LOVED camp!  She's talked about it non-stop and has recreated some experiments to show off. It has been worth every penny we spent!  Thank you so much for doing this!" - Parent/February Camp

Get info on the camp here. 

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