4,500,000 gallons of water are used on a daily basis within Bangor, and the group that makes the decisions regarding that water has made a change in plans due to COVID-19.

The Bangor Water Board issued a statement recently that tells us the planned rate increase that was due to begin in July will be postponed until later this year or sometime in 2021.  The statement said that, "the staff recognized that any change during this time of uncertainty was best left until later."

The July rate increase would have been "minimal" for most Bangor Water District customers that would have resulted in just three cents a day for a "minimum" water user.  Officials will first review the effects of the pandemic and the loss of revenue before issuing any further rate increase.

The City of Bangor draws it's water from Flood's Pond in Otis, about 17 miles away from downtown. Besides the popular Thomas Hill Standpipe, there are five other standpipes within city limits. There are 10,700 metered accounts in Bangor and 32 people work for Bangor Water.

The notice from the Bangor Water Board explains that it's their job to balance the needs of an aging water system with rates that Bangor residents can afford, which is a tough gig.  We thank them for doing this job, and even if the increase was only calling for pennies per day, we thank them as well for delaying the price increase in these definite times of uncertainty.

Now, if they could just get our kids to quit taking 30 minute hot showers as well...

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