Here's the deal, so you can stop worrying.

The Bangor Water District is just doing some upkeep/maintenance-y things. Your water is 100% fine. But let's be real, imagine you're just cruising through Facebook, and you glance at a post from the Bangor Water District, and it's starts talking about the city's water, you kinda stop what you're doing and pay attention real quick.

Sure, there are bigger cities in Maine, but some kind of problem with the water around here would affect an awful lot of people. Naturally, I started reading the post and began to envision folks around Bangor, clamoring around in their cupboards, looking for as many cafeteria-sized pots for boiling water as they can find. I may have chuckled...

The city is upgrading its ozone disinfection system.

In the water treatment process, ozone is part of what controls the color of your water, according to the Bangor Water District. Since this machinery is being upgraded, there will possibly be a slight discoloration to the drinking water. But as they pointed out online, there's nothing at all to be worried about.

You can totally drink it safely. There's absolutely no need to boil it or anything like that. It might just look a bit funky. Growing up in an old house, this isn't anything 100% new to me. You just look at something else and pretend it's awesome. These days, I live out in the sticks, so I have a well. That comes with its own issues, but that's for another time...

But, that's the skinny on Bangor's drinking water. It should be all cleared up when they're done with upgrades to the system.

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