We've all been there, but today, we wanted to know what your biggest dating deal breakers/no-no's/turnoffs are....

JStew: It's been so long since I dated anyone, I'm not entirely sure how to answer this.... But I supposed if I had to re-enter the dating world tomorrow, the two biggest ones that would get to me would be smoking or drinking to excess. I joke a lot on the air, about how much I drink, but it's really just a joke. I'm no angel, but I'm also not really a big drinker. I like a beer with dinner when I go out, but getting drunk is way more of an inconvenience to my lifestyle than anything else. And as far as smoking, I'm not shaming anyone who does smoke at all, it's your choice. But at this point in my life, I might draw the line there. Years ago, maybe not so much. But these days, these two would definitely change my attitude about dating.

Cori: Thank God I have kids who keep me too busy to even consider dating--because just the thought of entering that world again makes me tired. Admittedly, I was never any good at it back in the day--and I don't know that I'd be great at it now. But there are certainly some things I wouldn't go for, if and when I ventured back into the dating world. When someone is rude or arrogant on a date, that makes my skin crawl. Also, if you can't adult, I'm not interested in parenting another partner. Chauvinism is also something I'm not a fan of. Chivalry is ok, but if your demeaning or put yourself above others, I have not time for that. Complaining, smoking and dipping are not my favorite. Bad hygiene is a turnoff, too.

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There were a surprising amount of unique answers, which must mean we all have our little pet peeves. Let's check them out....

David Jeskey smoking or swearing

Kari Jo Davis When the person talks endlessly about themselves, or how hung up they are on the past.

Greg Miller If a date can't leave their phone alone for the date ... that's a big turn off. ... also if I asked her out for the first two dates, I wait to see if she asks me out for the third. ... I don't often get a third date.

Aisling Doucette Selfishness and loud chewing

Chris Godsoe Being rude to service workers. If they snap at a waiter/waitress, then it's pretty much "date over".

Bob Hatch When they dump me and go home with someone else.

Scott Tucker Smoking.

Lee Stone Alcoholism, Bad Hygiene

Megan Bridges Smoking, Narcissism, rude behavior of any sort - especially toward women

Angela Faulkner Alcoholism, narcissism

Mary K. Drew I never dated a smoker!

Melissa Avery Burns What is a turn off for me is chewing with your mouth open. For the love....

Suzette Johnston Bad dental habits, brushing ones teeth should be a priority!

Mishael Romanelli Bad credit. LOL

Betsy Goodwin Being rude to people working in service jobs, such as servers, cashiers, anything in retail.

Melanie Perkins Smoking/Chewing Tobacco

Chinonye 'cinny' Anumaka Talking about the Ex

Christine Delano If there's no chivalry, I'm out.

Doug Fogg Smoking, Drunkenness, Foul Language. Jeesh, I sound like a Catholic school teacher!

Chris Blank Ummm….people?

Leah Bilyk Any mention of strippers on the first date

Paul Moore Gemini's

Thomas Morelli Prehensile tail, unless it's well groomed. And if they like mayonnaise.

William Siemerling Jr If you go out to dinner, being rude to the wait staff.

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