Laura had always dreamed of getting her feet wet at Sand Beach, and with a little help from her newfound friends, she was able to do so.

What a feel-good story this is. Yesterday, the Bar Harbor Fire Department came to the rescue, but not in a way that they normally would.  You see a woman who is unable to walk named Laura who suffers from ALS, which is a debilitating nerve disorder that affects the brain and spinal cord, had always wanted to feel the cold ocean water and experience beautiful Sand Beach firsthand.

Someone in the know contacted the folks at the Bar Harbor Fire Department and ran the idea by them, and as the Facebook post says within 12 hours the dream was made a reality.

Take a moment or two to feel the magic as this woman is wheeled to the water's edge, and then watch her smile as someone says, "Water's cold, Laura."

It was a very special time for Laura and the man who was with her as members of the Department promised that she was going to get wet and the wheelchair with huge wheels moved into the cold Atlantic Ocean.

Her smile was contagious.

Not only did this make her day, but it made the day of all involved, including most of us watching the videos posted to Facebook.

Kudos to everyone involved from Eden and beyond. You've proved once again that dreams really do become reality within Acadia National Park.

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