How cool is this?  The owner of Mae's Cafe and Bakery in Bath got a video call from El Presidente himself this past Monday with some very good news.

For months now, various companies, business owners and all sorts of people from sports heroes like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers to musicians like Kid Rock, have been donating to The Barstool Fund, a charitable effort organized by Barstool Sports and it's leader, Dave Portnoy. To date the Fund holds almost $33 million.

The purpose of the Fund is to help struggling business owners keep their places open during the COVID-19 pandemic. Business owners have a chance at the $ by submitting a video that pleads their case.  Katie Winglass of Mae's Cafe and Bakery in Bath did just that, and then received word this past Monday that she would be the recipient of a monetary donation of an undisclosed amount, and maybe even further help down the road.

It must have been an honor to have Mr. Portnoy call with the news himself.  Ms. Winglass certainly was thrilled and also very much appreciative, inviting him to Bath for "the best corned beef hash that he has ever had in his life."

In the call Mr. Portnoy also mentioned that he had once dated a girl from Lewiston, "but she lied and said she was from Auburn", he joked.

We congratulate and wish everyone at Mae's Cafe and Bakery the best, and thank The Barstool Fund for helping out a Maine business in it's time of need.

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