My mom always told me you can never have too many Christmas decorations up.  And if you have always understood that scene from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, check this out. Clark Griswold may have some competition when it comes to over-the-top Christmas decorations. New York City’s Rolf’s German Restaurant has become a holiday attraction in itself thanks to its 15,000 holiday ornaments and 100,000 lights hung inside the space. 


Rolf’s German Restaurant began stringing the lights and hanging the ornaments during the last week of September. Since it’s so elaborate, it takes six men working overnight, five nights a week for six weeks to get everything into place. According to


Business Insider, the restaurant’s manager says the holiday spectacular costs the restaurant between $60,000 and $65,000 each year.  See the spectacular, spectacular here.

In case you forgot.

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