Peppered across the U.S. are all sorts of little spots that are quaint and have their own appeal. But which of these spots should be classified as the most charming?

Well, using a very specific criteria, publication, put together a list of the 51 most charming small towns in each state of the nation.

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"With so many memorable small towns in the United States, it’s hard to pick the best ones in each state. But we’re giving it a shot. Here are 51 of the country’s most charming small towns (which we’ve defined as places of about 25,000 people or fewer) all with their own unique reason to visit—whether it’s their singular streets or spectacular outdoor adventure opportunities."

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For Maine, they deemed Belfast to be Maine's most charming small town.

Describing Belfast as having "hippie meets hipster energy," this website touches on a handful of specific spots in town where visitors might find these charming vibes.

"Belfast was once known for shipbuilding, poultry plants, and sardine packing. Today its energy is best exemplified by the progressive Belfast Cohousing & Ecovillage, the bustling United Farmers Market of Maine, and businesses like Chase’s Daily, a family-run flower farm, bakery, and vegetarian restaurant. Save time for a screening at the Colonial Theatre, which had its first screening the day the Titanic set sail; it reopened in November after a 14-month closure—with its green, pink, and purple facade and rooftop fiberglass elephant still intact. "

Colonial Theatre, Facebook
Colonial Theatre, Facebook

I would add to that a few more things that make Belfast interesting, if not charming. An artists' hub, much of Belfast's eclectic downtown is covered in built-in displays of whimsical art.

Courtesy Our Town Belfast
Courtesy Our Town Belfast

The fact that you can go right down to the warf, and walk along the water, while whatch the boats, also adds to Belfast's appeal.

Belfast 1, Cori Skall
Belfast 1, Cori Skall

Whether it's cool, very accessable downtown area with many great shops and restaurants, it's great park and playground complex with tons of space and places to play, or it handy and unusual Co-op, Belfast is indeed a charming little spot.

But I would argue there are a lot of charming spots in Maine. Many along the coast, and many inland, too.

But no one ever asked me, hahaha. What about you? What would you say is Maine's most charming small town?

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