If you have an Amazon.com account, you may want to take notice.

Crooks have devised an email that looks like it's coming from Amazon.com, the nation's biggest online retailer, according to the KnowBe4 blog.

Here's how it works.

You'll receive an email that looks like it's really come from Amazon.com, but it hasn't.  The mailing informs the recipient that you must update your current information within 24 hours or else your account will be suspended.

When you click the Update Now button, you'll be taken to a site that looks like the official Amazon.com log in page.  You'll eventually be asked to update stuff from name to credit card #.

When you're done, the site will then tell you that all has been updated successfully, and then forward you to the real Amazon website.

Simple as that, you've been ripped off.  You've been warned.

As always, the best way to log on to websites like Amazon is to type it directly into your browser, or rely on the bookmark that you've always used.






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