Like me, you probably got sucked right into Fool's Spring, too.

There's actually something along the lines of 41 seasons in Maine. Every single season we have, has all these little sub-seasons built into them. For the last several days, we've been joyously frolicking about with Fool's Spring. It's where we all decided the Groundhog was wrong, and that Spring came early.

Well, that just isn't how it works around here. It's been statistically proven that Mother Nature hates us more than anyone else, giving us the weather no one else wants. While we've been enjoying our days in the 50's, the Universe has been quietly planning our reckoning, and it's coming this Thursday.

A good, old-fashioned winter storm is headed our way.

According to the National Weather Service, early Thursday morning, it will begin snowing and go all day long, and into the night. Friday morning will see the last dregs of the storm as it clears out. At least it will be cold. The snow we do get will be light and fluffy and easy to move around. But the Bangor area could see as much as 6-10 inches.

Temps over those couple days will stay mainly in the teens during the day, and single digits to below zero at night. So if you thought the worst of winter was behind us, uuhhh... nope. The extended forecast on my weather app says we even get more snow the following week, but it's a bit early to day. It may even still be early for this week.

Regardless, we're all gonna firing up the snow blower later on this week to deal with something. It may end up being a little, it may end up being a lot. It's Maine, so we just won't know for real until it's over.

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