A short, but true story...

Years back, Blue Man Group had several different versions that toured all over the country. And in addition, they also had stationary shows in some big cities. Back then, Boston was one of those cities. BGM had a long standing local show. At one point, I'd heard the Boston version needed band members.

Obviously, the live band was as much an integral part of the performance as the blue men themselves. I even had an "in" with the production director, so I submitted an audition tape. I told all my friends, and pretty much assumed I'd be moving to Boston any minute. Nope, haha. Never even got a call back. The rest is history.

The Blue Man group is coming to town.

Likely, by the time you read this, tickets will be on sale for their show at the Cross Insurance Center on January 9th. They'll be bringing their zany antics to our Queen City. If you've never seen them before, they're incredible. It's like equal parts rock show, comedy show, magic show, and variety show. It's hard to describe quickly. check it out here...

The last time I saw them live, they were shooting marshmallows across the stage into each other's mouths. They were playing a cross between a pipe organ and a drum set, but made out of PVC pipes. And the live band itself is made up of top-shelf musicians who are entirely entertaining in their own right.

Even better, it's absolutely family friendly. The kids can enjoy it just as much as you will. Like I said, it's very hard to describe, but it's an unreal evening. You will definitely be trying to find a way to describe it afterwards, because you'll want to tell everyone all about this weird thing you saw last night. Hahaha... Get tickets right here after 10:00am on Friday, September 16th.

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