Until I saw this video I didn't realize the Bob Marley and I are close in age. I knew this immediately when I saw this video about his mom being worried about razor blades in apples being given to unsuspecting children in Halloween. Goes to show you the world has always contained a few evil people.

So being a curious and skeptical person I checked on Snopes to see if a Halloween tragedy of this type ever really happened only to find out that yes it did. Proving once again that some people suck.

Snopes reports that along with razor blades pins and needles were sometimes placed in apples to cause harm and generally freak out the receiver. No big surprise that in many of the instances the culprit wound up being a sibling or to my amazement parent. They say that the fear really began to ramp up in 1967 when I was 7 and in my trick or treating prime. The stories where particularly rampant on the east coast of the US and in Canada from The New York Times reported thirteen cases from isolated communities in New Jersey and noted “several” others in Ottawa and Toronto. Townships in NJ were so incensed by the crimes against children that they actually passed a law that would give the perpetrators of this offense prison time, so there! All the good it did though, they go on to cite that regardless of these efforts thirteen more apples with razor blades that year in five New Jersey counties. So some people in New Jersey really suck.

Good news today, we seem to live in a kinder gentler time because these types of happenings have not been reported since the late 80's...go us.

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