Mother Nature has finally calmed down a smidge.

I know this because the Orono Bog Walk is open for the season. I'd say here in Maine, summer is our most "stable" season. Or perhaps the most predictable. Basically, it'll either rain, or it won't. We don't have to worry about snow or driving on crappy roads. There's fewer potholes, you name it. It's a nice sight of relief. All we have to think/worry about is copious amounts of road construction.

But out in the Bangor City Forest, you can head out the Orono Bog Walk and leave your troubles behind. It's a near tradition for my wife and I. We go out every year on our anniversary and make the jaunt. We go plenty of other times too, but that's usually our first trip out. And now, it's open for business!

It's all fixed up and ready to go.

At the Orono Bog Walk Facebook page, they put out a post over the weekend letting folks know that their maintenance volunteer crew got out and made all the annual fixes and repairs. Not to mention removing trees that had come down, and replacing footings on the footbridge, and whatever else needed to be done.

Right now everything is open from 7:00am - 6:30pm. Which is the "summer" hours, so to speak. As the days become shorter, they reduce them until the Bog Walk shuts down altogether for the winter. Same goes for the City Forest for the most part.

If you've never been out there before, you really don't know what your missing. I've also heard they recently repaired the road in and out of there, so that's a much more pleasant experience. But it's a truly wild spot in Bangor that takes you right out of the city, without actually leaving it. See for yourself...

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