The Bangor community will be relieved to know that giant skeletons have resurfaced in the area.

It seems like as soon as the kids got back in school last week, the Brewer neighborhood Facebook community group was already requesting the installation of a very tall and ghoulish presence, particularly, this guy on North Main Street in Brewer.

Townsquare Media Bangor, Sarah Nickerson
Townsquare Media Bangor, Sarah Nickerson

The photos are a little fuzzy but, let me tell you what. When I drove by this monstrosity this morning on my way to work, I caught this guy out of the corner of my eye. With *NO* hesitation, I turned around to get a picture at 5 AM. I felt kind of lucky pulling up to this guy's house (sorry if that seemed weird, residents of the house) but, there's a greater cause for my embarrassment. I had to get the picture because I knew what this sight would bring to the folks of Maine, I had to stop and take a photo with my crappy phone to have *SOMETHING* to show you.

UPDATE: I went back and got a better photo!

Townsquare Media Bangor, Sarah Nickerson
Townsquare Media Bangor, Sarah Nickerson

The Bangor area definitely embraces the Halloween spirit. We are fall lovers and really take to heart all four seasons, but especially the one that celebrates the darker side of life.

With the pandemic continuing, discourse running rampant with opposing social and political views, it's nice to have something to share that we can all be a little distracted by, something that brings a little excitement and whimsy to our anxious existence right now.

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So, to all those anticipating the arrival of the giant skeleton on North Main Street, it is here! ANNNDDD, that means it's officially time to put up those Halloween decorations and get into the macabre spirit that we all lovingly, bordering obsessively, look forward to.

Getcha pumpkin spice latte! Halloween is officially ready to celebrate. Welcome back, Giant Skeleton of North Main. We are especially happy this year to see you again.

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