Folks living in a couple of specific neighborhoods in the Brewer area received a flyer over the weekend warning them to be wary.

Sent out by Brewer Police Deputy Chief, Chris Martin, the flyer urged residents of Wintergreen Way, Sylvan Drive and Woodridge Road in Brewer to check their properties, their sheds and garages, and their home security systems for evidence of unauthorized entry or missing items.

This stemmed from a report that there was a white male, in his 30's, walking around the backs of residences in these neighborhoods between the hours of 5:30 and 10:00 Friday morning. Brewer PD says he may have been "casing" houses. The individual was also seen driving a tan, 2010, Chevy Impala.

If folks do notice that items are missing, or that someone has been in their space without their permission, or if they caught evidence of this man on any surveillance equipment nearby, they are asked to reach out to Deputy Chief Martin at the  Brewer Police Department, by calling 989-7003.

This news comes as Police across the river in Bangor are cautioning folks about a rash of car burglaries that have recently taken place. The best advice both Departments can pass along to folks who might be worried is to lock your doors and stay vigilant.

Double check that all doors and windows on your property are locked, not just the ones to your home, but your garages, sheds and vehicles as well.

If you have a security system that records video, check it frequently.

And keep an eye out for anything or anyone that looks like it's off. Most of us know our neighborhoods pretty well. We know who comes and goes, what they drive and what their schedules tend to be. If you see someone near your home, or in your neighborhood, that seems out of place, make a note of it, and call the non-emergency line to pass along the information. The more detailed you can be with descriptions (height, weight, hair color, outfit, time and place, etc.) the more helpful. You never know, that information might just help prevent a crime from happening, or solve a case.

Another thing that can be beneficial is to join a Neighborhood Watch group, if there's one in your area. And if there isn't already one, start one. Your local PD will have good information on how to get one going, if you need some ideas or resources.


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