There's a special place in hell for people who do this sort of thing.

There are days, like this one, where I'm pretty much glad I'm not a "traditional" news reporter. Journalists of all types, for the most part, have to keep their opinions to themselves when covering a story. At the end of the day, I'm a loud-mouthed DJ and tend to say whatever pops into my head.

Like today... I understand vandalism happens in cemeteries from time to time. But when I learned that people messed with every single stone in a remotely located Bucksport cemetery, I got a bit peevish, for lack of a better term. Cemeteries are supposed to be a place of rest, not a place for drunks or bored teens to get their kicks.

And yes, you read that right. Every. Single. Stone.

According to WMTW and the Bucksport Police, every single stone was tampered with, if not flat-out vandalized in some way. Every one of them. How bored can you be? How stupid are you? Did I mention he/she/they also stole a tractor and took that for a joyride around the cemetery? Real geniuses at work here...

The town is aghast, and kind of unsure what to do next, other than assess the damage and figure out how to make things right for a cemetery holding loved ones, brothers, sisters, and many veterans... This is downright disgraceful. Sure, some bored moron might knock over a stone or two, but this is something on a different scale.

Sadly, probably nothing will come of this case, due to the remote location of the cemetery. You figure if someone was joyriding a tractor around and no one noticed, chances are the slack-jawed dumb-asses that did this will get away with it. And that is what should burn people up the most. End rant...

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