Looks like a spat between management and employees came to a climax this past Friday.

Much to everyone's surprise this past Friday, the Maine-based music and movie chain suddenly closed the doors to its store in Salem, New Hampshire. A posting to Facebook on Saturday claimed the store was temporarily closed in the best interest of both staff and those who shop there, and that the closure had nothing to do with masks or face coverings for employees or customers.

Portland Press Herald

William Boisvert, also let go from the Salem store, told the Portland Press Herald that Bull Moose management decided on Thursday to allow vaccinated customers into the store without a facemask and that employees were told that they could not ask those customers if they had been vaccinated.

"We have had people (customers) fighting us on the mask policy since the beginning, and those people who have been fighting us since the beginning probably haven’t been vaccinated and would probably lie about being vaccinated and come in and spread COVID to us and other customers,” he told the Portland Press Herald this past Saturday.

The store in Salem is the second Bull Moose store to close recently, as the one in Portland's Old Port closed at the end of November last year apparently because of low sales during the pandemic.

There is absolutely no doubt that it's a new day and age for those who work in the public with medical direction and rules changing on what seems like a daily basis.  Let us hope for patience and civility as we continue to figure our way out of the nasty COVID-19 pandemic, and that Bull Moose and its employees in Salem can somehow come to an agreement and get back to business as usual.

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