About three weeks ago the company suddenly closed the doors to their store in Salem, New Hampshire, but not before showing 20 employees there the door first.

Apparently, the employees of the store were upset that management had suddenly ended the mask mandate and no longer required that customers wear one while shopping inside the store.  Employees were concerned for their safety and felt strongly that the COVID-19 pandemic was continuing.

At that time Bull Moose management said via a Facebook post that the store in Salem was temporarily closed and that the decision to do so wouldn't be announced to protect the confidentiality of the then former employees, and that it had nothing to do with face coverings of the employees or the store's customers.

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Today, Brett Wickard, the founder of  Bull Moose posted to Facebook that the fired employees have been offered their jobs back, with back pay, and that he is grateful that those people have decided to return to work in the Salem store as well.

The Facebook post went to to say, "We are sorry that we did not act anywhere near how we want to be as a company. We pride ourselves on building community and acting with empathy, yet we failed on both those counts. We strayed from our values and have to set things right."

We are so happy that founder of one of Maine's most widely known and most well respected businesses has heard both his employees and their customers, and was not afraid to backtrack and make the best decision possible.

By the way, this Saturday is Record Store Day, and Bull Moose is certainly one of the places to be.

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