The Bangor Area Homeless Shelter has served the homeless population since it opened back on Christmas Eve of 1986. Its location at 263 Main St. was first simply a 12-bed overnight shelter, according to its website. But its capacity has changed in its 35 years of operation, and in recent years, it's operated as a 38 bed, 24-hour facility, complete with a soup kitchen and pantry.

Over time, the building, especially the kitchen, has seen its fair share of wear and tear. The good news: this month it will receive a complete overhaul. The bad news: they won't be able to use the kitchen to cook for guests while the renovations are being done.

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That's where you come in! According to the Bangor Area Homeless Shelter's Facebook Page, the organization is looking for folks who like to cook, to help cover the gap.

The work to the kitchen is slated to take place from Monday, October 18 through Sunday, October 31. What they're hoping is that they can line up volunteers to make meals to drop off each day during that time period.

"Meals must be prepared in a safe and sanitary space and be packaged in individual containers before being dropped off to the Shelter, with the exception of pizza and certain other foods."

The post goes on to say that meals must be individually packaged in 30 to-go containers, but the BAHS can supply those if need be. They also have ingredients, if you need those, like spices and meats. They're happy to help with supplies.

If you'd rather call up a local restaurant, and place an order for the shelter, that counts, too.

If you sign up to provide a lunch, they ask that those be delivered no later than 11:45 AM. Dinner should be delivered by 4:45 PM.

So, if you feel like you might be able to help, they ask that you contact Alicia at or by calling 207-947-0092.

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