Well, you can't say he wasn't honest.

This man was standing near the Shaw's on Main Street in Bangor on Tuesday when a passerby noticed his sign, which read "Why Lie Need Beer,"  and snapped a photo, with the man's permission.

Now, we blurred the man's face even though he was in a public place just because we don't know his background or his identity. And, we're not saying that those who panhandle are necessarily deceiving anyone and we're not making assumptions about how they spend the money they receive. No judgment here, people.

The fact is, according to a Facebook post from Manna Ministries' Bill Rae, the man said he already had collected enough money to buy a case of beer.

The questions that come to mind are: Do you find his honesty refreshing? Would you give him money knowing he intended to buy alcohol with it?

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