Now that the legend of the North Pond Hermit here in Maine has been confirmed, here's your chance to catch another legend and create history!  A beer company in Washington State plans to award one million dollars to anyone who can safely capture Bigfoot!

Olympia Beer posted the following statement on their website: "Olympia Beer and Bigfoot have been leaving footprints together in the Pacific Northwest since 1896. We have been sharing the same back yard for over a century and we believe it's time to do what has never been done, and that is to offer a one million dollar reward to anyone who can ensure the safe capture of Bigfoot. When we say safe capture that means Bigfoot has to be alive and breathing folks, with no wounds. That's right you can't use any act of violence, no guns/knives/boxing gloves/nets/etc, only sugar or sweets to lure him in."

Olympia Beer said participants will have to register in order to be eligible for the reward. The project is being hailed as the "most penetrative search for Bigfoot ever conducted in the United States."

Now executives at Olympia Beer must think that there's at least a chance that Bigfoot exists.  Why?  Because the $1 million would be awarded in annual $25,000 annuity payments for 40 years.

Even with Bigfoot in captivity, they still wouldn't want to break the bank.


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