Do you use e-cigarettes or vape marijuana extract?  You may want to take note.

Recent mystery pulmonary illnesses across the country are now being attributed to vaping, according to the Center for Disease Control.  As of this past Friday, the CDC was reporting 450 cases in 33 states, including five deaths, according to NBC News.

Vitamin E acetate, which is okay if taken as a supplement or spread on the skin, but when vaped into the lungs turns into an oil like substance that may produce recently observed symptoms, like gasping for air.

Health people at looking at all commercially available vaping products, including those that have also been purchased "off the street."

The Maine CDC issued an advisory on August 30th, that there "had been no confirmed cases of vaping-related respiratory illness in Maine", attributed to e-cigarettes, but did ask doctors across the state to report any suspicions.

In New York, the Governor there has advanced the warning to ask the Department of Health in that state to ask people to stop vaping entirely until more is learned.

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