Years ago Brewer public schools offered shop and home-ec and it was there that my ceramic tree was born.

My brother David created two of these little green decorations as a teenager for my mom.  Quite an improvement from the ash tray he made her in Boy Scouts. My mom would put them out every year.  Since that time I have lost my brother and my mom so I have inherited them and they are on display in my home this year.  This is why to me they have irreplaceable value to me. So what is the excuse for the rest of the world?

Ceremic tree

I had an antiques dealer tell me they were a hot item in antiques circles but little did I know their value

Just a short eBay search showed that some people in my position are cashing in big. Who'd imagine that one would have sold for $79, while another person raked in $440, and imagine my surprise to see one person got $649.

Makes me smile to think how pleased my brother would be to see how coveted his loving gift to my mom has become.  Needless to say I will never sell them.  That said, if you have one without the sentimental attachment and need the cash...Merry Christmas.

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