We're always up for a challenge.  But, as of late, this job may be a little too challenging.

Sometimes playing the hits day in and day out turns into such a mundane way of life that one starts to desire the challenge that others may face during their workday.  So, we went in search of thought provoking challenging careers that we could "strap the boots on" and make a buck doing, with the ultimate goal of putting macaroni and cheese on the table.

Cruising through the local Bangor area job listings on Indeed.com, and taking recent events into consideration, here's one challenging position that we discovered:

United Airlines Ticket & Gate Agents - Part time at the Bangor International Airport.  $10.57 - $12.86 an hour.  Some of the requirements for this particular position include: "Comfortable working with the public - Addressing passenger concerns - Moderate to heavy physical exertion is required."

We thought about applying for a moment, but then decided that the heavy burden of playing the hits was a way of life that we just couldn't give up just yet.  Rock on!

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