For this week's Throwback Thursday, we were curious if you still kept in touch with your best friend growing up? We'd love to help you give them a shout out.

JStew: Like most folks, I've had a lot of friends come and go over the years. In a lot of ways, I have changed out my group of friends several times over. But there's still a few that go all the way back. Like my friends Chad, or Neill. I've known Chad since high school, and Neill since first grade. I have newer friends too. But those two have seen my at my best, and worst. Neill was the best man at my wedding, he was a pall bearer with me at my grandfather's funeral... Chad definitely saw me through a bunch of dumb high school breakups. And we have a mutual love for drums that goes to the core. And none of this is to disrespect people that I'm verrrrry close to at this stage in my life. I love my buddy Nick like a brother. And my morning partner-in-crime Cori, knows more about me than most humans on this Earth. I consider myself very lucky to have so many folks in my corner.... Even if I'm terrible at showing it.

Cori: One of the things I am proudest of in my life, is that I am still friends with most of the people I was friends with when I was little. I try my best to invest into the relationships I have, and so many of my pals from way-back-when, are still present today.  My bestie from elementary school and I are still pals on FB. My high school friends are still kicking around. One of them even moved in with me temporarily, when Covid hit, to help me with my kids so I could get up early to do this show! The majority of my friends are over a decade in at this point, many 2, 3 or 4 decades, too. And with any luck, my "newer" friends, like my partner-in-crime JStew, are gonna be around for at least that long, too.

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It's nice to see we're not the only ones. It's cool to have these people in your life still. Unless they were jerks. Then it's bye-bye bestie!

DJ Fred Yes, he called the other day. And if he shows up at the house, I’m calling the cops.
Greg Miller Frank Hatch... since about first grade circa 1977 and yes we're still in contact.
Angela Faulkner Yes my best friend was Cheryl. We have kept in touch over the years.
Jared Emerson Not since he became an authoritarian socialistic fascist, no.
Paul Moore Still have contact with one guy I have known since before kindergarten..
Our Mothers still go to church together quite often
Aj Riseman Sure do!!! Both of them
Samantha Hammond I had two best friend's growing up...Kim and Melanie. And they most definitely are still my best friends today. They both live out of state, and we don't talk as much as we used to, but when we do talk it's like we're never been apart. Love my best friends.
Ken White Yep!
Barbara Clark always-all of them!
Lucille Rudnicki-Clark Yes, but she’s is my cousin
Gerry Walsh No. A couple of college buds yes
Tanya Kelly I didn't really have a "BFF", per se, but I keep in touch with a few folks I grew up with.
Genevieve Polifroni Yes. Talked to  Jessica yesterday. Birth to earth. BFF since we were 12.
Shawn Paul Boissonneault Yup
Jim Brown Yessssss 42 Years
Cindy Lou I keep in touch with my high school bff , does that count as childhood ? I was an anti social child & really didn't have a bff when I was small
Bruce Worcester I have Facebook contact with my first "best friend". I have fairly regular contact with my later school years best friend (and occasionally play music with, or did pre Covid).
Jacquelyn Mansfield Yes! All of them in the different stages of my life.
Dorian Daniels not very often and yet when we do bump into each other it is like no time has passed at all.
Nathaniel Bernier Yes indeed
Alaina Labonville Huot Yes! BFF’s since kindergarten! And we’re 40 now!
Vinny Cormier Yup
Laurie Stratton Yes
Ellen A. Leone Yes.
Kate Lotito Arrington Yes!
Roxane Esposito Yes!
Jessica Cross Nathaniel Bernier hello oldest BFF from one year old on!
Donna Worcester Copeland My best friend is Lorie (she has been since we were 14 and we're both 60 now!). She just got me through 5 months of breast cancer treatment. She took me for numerous doctors' visits, tests and weeks of radiation treatment. We traveled from Dexter to Augusta (60 miles one way), some weeks on a daily basis; she never blinked an eye and just kept saying that she knew I would have done the same for her. Everyone should be so lucky to have a friend like her, she's closer than my blood relatives, I love her!
Lara Sully Sullivan I've always moved around a lot. I wasn't born in the US (Bermuda yay!) and went to 4 different elementary schools when I moved to the states. I was lucky to make friends along the way but saying 1 was a BFF is a stretch. The good side of social media has let me re-connect with a majority of them but we still don't talk everyday. It's nothing but love though... with most of them anyway lol
Renee Boulier Reed Yes but only because of Facebook.
Jonathan O'Donnell No. Some from high school on Facebook.
Sam Runco Yes I do. Very thankful for her
Lisa Boucher Hartman Sadly no
Michael Towle Weekly
Laura Cabot yep
Andrea Bernier-Dorr Yes, almost every day!
Jennifer Bishop Begley Barely-on Facebook.
Jasmine Clayton Yes!!
Jennifer Khavari Yes! We e had long stretches of no contact but we always pick right back up where we left off!
Diamond DeVille Not really. Although acquaintances from high school have gotten closer now that we’re out of high school.
Wayne Gelston I talk with my friend at least once a week. We have been friends since we were 12. We go on vacation s together every year. This year, Alaska in July. He lives 750 miles from Maine. Been friends for 57 years.
Jami Johnson Yep... as in childhood since middle school ... all 3 of them! Actually neighbors with

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