The weekend is officially just hours away... but first we wanted to know what you'd choose for a name if you'd been able to choose it yourself?

JStew: I've already been down this road in a way. Fact of the matter is, if you don't like your name, you are 100% legally entitled to change it. My last name, Stewart, is my legal last name, but it's not the last name I was born with. Years and years ago, I took my mother's maiden name. My parents had been divorced since I was a baby, and I used to feel a lot closer to my mom's side of the family. Luckily over the years, I've gotten to appreciate the other side of my family a lot!! I also had an ex-girlfriend with a really awkward last name, and I remember her always saying she couldn't wait to get married so she could just take her husband's name. She eventually got her wish. Just not from me, thankfully. She got the new last name, but already ditched the husband, hahaha.

Cori: There was a time, much like JStew, where I considered changing my last name to my mom's maiden name. I'm glad I kept it because there aren't many Skalls out there that I've ever heard of. And my first name, Corinna, no one could ever pronounce it correctly when I was growing up. They always assumed I was named after the town of Corinna, which I had not been, as I wasn't even born in the states. When I got my first job at Spotlight Cinemas, and they were going to order a name tag for me, I asked them to put Cori rather than Corinna, because it would be easier for folks to say. And it was. And so that's what I've been called most of my life. Very few people actually call me Corinna. And those are people who have known me a very long time. Had I been able to pick my own name, I always liked the names Carly, Camille or Angela.

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Some folks were straightforward, while other people seemingly chose "titles" instead of names, haha. Let's check 'em out.....

Estin Harriman Deragon Lucifel the Darkness Master

Richard Browning Call me anything you want except Late for Supper.


Kari Jo Davis Erin go braugh

Snowman Roscoe

Chris Godsoe Sorry, my mind always goes to this Doctor Who episode when someone asks about baby names...Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All.

Thomas Graban Demetrius .... a few guys gave me that name when I was a kid they were putting our pool in I thought it was kind of a cool name.

Jody Dolley I like my name. It’s not super common and I can never seem to find anything with my name on it (you know, like keychains, pencils, magnets, that kind of stuff). That’s how I know it’s not common because it’s not worthy enough for that.

Leif Sherman Curtis Lambert Winepool

Timothy Patrick Emery Raymond Luxury Yacht...It’s spelled Raymond Luxury Yacht, but it’s pronounced Throatwarbler Mangrove.

Mark Belanger Max Power

Michael Anderson Archibald Whistlesmith

Sethany Crafts I love my name and how it was chosen. It was a character in a book; my sister said to my mom who was reading the book , " If you have a girl can we name her that?" ........but if you have a boy take him to the dump before you come home!" Lmao!!!

David Delacroix Sláinte Gobshite

Douglas Porter Django Picklefeather

Andy Soule For just one day I would like to change my name so I can walk around hollering: “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? I’M MOE GREEN!!”

Tanya Kelly Hmmm... interesting...I think I would have preferred a more gender-neutral name. My grandmother's maiden name was Sandler, and I think that would have been a good name. That being said, I like my name, but it's a child's nickname and my father said once that he always regretted not putting the full name on my birth certificate.

Renee Boulier Reed I love my name but I also remember wishing for something more...common I guess. Like Anne, Mary, Catherine.

Adam Fennell Turner "Jason Stewart"

Josh Malia Gozer Gozerian

Todd Richard Nene Leakes

Barry McEvoy Balthazar the squirrel whisperer.

Nate Schrock Dusty Loveseat

Jason LaFrance Vinz Clortho

Luke Smith Lukas Rockregas

Paul Moore Snake Steele

Chris Blank Engelbert Humperdink

Peter Murray Ismeal, call me Ismeal.

Teejay Itchkawich Boulder Smith

Linda Fisher Bridgette

Zachary B Romanoff Thurl Ravenscroft

Jennifer M. Jackson Violet

Robert Polovina J Stew

Michael Knowles Oliver Nipple

Erica Kingston I like my name. And my middle name is exceptionally unique. So I am happy!

Dan Wing Dixie Normous

Jim Murphy Hugh Jassman

Nathaniel Bernier Mike Oxmall

John Highstreet John Locke Highstreet. Yeah, no, I'm good.

Arlen Jameson Oliver Hercloseoff.

Eric Curry Hank Hammer

Paul Brooks Diamond Pickle Dazzle

Todd Orcutt Ace Frehley

Joe McBrady Alexander just like my grandfather

Heather Hinton I was almost named Henrietta.... I give many thanks to the nurse who talked my parents out of that!

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