Some folks feel this isn't necessarily a surprise.

Originally, I found the link to the Press Herald article on this particular subject on Reddit. A quick glance at the comment section there reveals what the average Mainer on the street thinks of CMP or Versant. But is all this just a lot of hot air? Hard to say, but it's not just people on Reddit that are making the list.

These rankings come from J.D. Power, which is a widely known source for consumers to look into the customer satisfaction ratings of a company or a product. Not unlike say, Consumer Reports. But of the list of almost 150 large scale power companies in the United States, CMP came in absolutely last. Versant came in last place as well in the eastern region's mid-sized power company category as well.

But, let's add some perspective.

As pointed out in the article, there are in reality, some 3000 power companies out there. So some 150 companies to be judged against may not be a totally fair glimpse into their reality. But this is also not the first time CMP has com in last. It also happened in 2019. But to be fair, in 2013, CMP was ranked Number 1 in the U.S. for customer satisfaction.

Like anything, all of it should be taken with a grain of salt. But usually, any seemingly outrageous claim has a kernel of truth in it somewhere. All I can tell you, is that Maine loses its power a lot. Like.... a lot. To the point where my wife and I bought a whole home generator. We got tired of throwing food away and being cold.

But CMP and Versant both say they're still committed to bringing their customers the best product possible. Like the old saying goes though, actions speak louder than words. Hopefully, they really can make good on their word, and pull their names up from the bottom of the list. Time will tell....

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