First off, never call it a drink. Call it a cocktail. It's much classier.

Since the beginning of this messy pandemic when in-house dining at area bars (call them a lounge - much classier) and restaurants was banned, one could also pick up a beer or cup of wine curb-side, but never a mixed drink, or cocktail.  Now, the State Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages has changed the wording in its rule to allow the sale of spirits-based cocktails to go.

Rule #1 is that all cocktails to go must be accompanied by a food order and a receipt with a time stamp on it.

Other rules include that the drink itself may not include more than 4.5 ounces of booze (spirits). Yes, never call alcohol "booze", call it "spirits", which once again sounds much classier and like an overall better time to us anyway.

The drink must be packaged for "immediate use", in a "tamper-evident container."  The name of the restaurant or bar must be on the container, with date and time of production, the contents of the drink, including alcohol volume.

You can find the official memorandum issued by the State of Maine just yesterday, HERE.

We suggest that you make it to your final destination before consumption.  And yes, "consumption" does sounds much classier than "throwing back."

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