I am pretty sure everybody knows by now that Columbus was a guy doing a job who was neither that nice or that good at doing it. That said he certainly did not corner the market on being a jerk to the indigenous people of any where he went. Still here we go again.

There is a new bill reported by Maine Public looking to rename the date in October to Indigenous Peoples Day.  For the record many of us thought they had pretty much already done that but whatever.

One city in Ohio took the Holiday away completely and made election day in November a paid Holiday instead. I personally would be against another November Holiday.  I am a fan of spreading Holidays through the year so the get a long weekend regularly.  So sentimental I know, but don't you agree at this point it is more about the day off than celebrating, Columbus, presidents, all those who labor, etc? We just like to get a day off with pay.

Now don't get me wrong I don't was anyone hurt or offended but where do we stop because in this day and age it seems that there is always someone hurt and offended. Still couldn't we put a statute of limitations of knicker twists to the last 100 years or so?

Regardless How do some of these sound?


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