Well now here's something that you don't see everyday!

Most cops have seen it all.  But, apparently this sight made them take a second look.

Recently, while searching an abandoned property, cops in Orono came across this sight at the bottom of a stairwell.  A creepy clown!

Yes, apparently they really do exist.  And what do creepy clowns do, besides live in the sewer?  They pass out on the cellar floor, while holding a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon, of course.

Now you can go ahead and make all the Stephen King like jokes that you'd like, but hey, we're impressed!  This is just the type of guy that we'd like to put on the air here on I-95!  I mean, can't you just see this clown playin' Ozzy and Blue Oyster Cult?

We don't know where this clown is now, but we have an air chair just waiting for him!


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