A family in Corinth was reunited this weekend when their 7th Grader, Lilly Chambers, was released from the Boston Children's Hospital and returned home to Maine. And the community in Corinth turned out in full force to make sure the middle schooler and her family knew, without a doubt, that folks here have their back.

Welcome Home Lilly 11, courtesy Richie Conroy

Vehicles lined up in a nearby parking lot to decorate and then processed by the family's home on Hudson Road.

Welcome Home Lilly 1, Courtesy Amanda Wolper

Lilly's Aunt, Amanda Wolper, says Lilly ended up at Boston Children's in such a hurried manner, the family is still trying to process the situation.

Chambers Family, courtesy Amanda Walpor

"Lilly went to her well-child check at the end of August. Her doctor heard an abnormal sound when listening to her heart but wasn't really certain what it was. She sent her for a follow-up EKG and check in with a cardiologist the following week. After the EKG, the cardiologist came to meet with Lilly and her parents, Greg and Katie and told them that life flight was waiting to take Lilly to Boston Children's Hospital. The EKG showed that she had pulmonary Hypertension and the pressure in her heart was life-threatening. Within just a couple of hours of leaving school for what they thought was just a simple check-up, she was admitted to the ICU at BCH."

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Wolper says Lilly's condition has changed dramatically the way she and her family will live their lives, going forward. And it means big changes for Lilly, who up until this point has attended Central Middle School.

Lilly will have to do her schoolwork at home for now, with the help of a tutor that the school is providing. Her Aunt says so many people have reached out to help the family, and show their support, that it's overwhelming.

Welcome Home Lilly 2, Courtesy Amanda Wolper

"The community, her friends, her family they were her cheerleaders and she missed everyone terribly. So we decided to show Lilly just how much everyone missed her and give her a parade."

Welcome Home Lilly 8, courtesy Richie Conroy
Welcome Home Lilly 12, courtesy Richie Conroy
Welcome Home Lilly 7, courtesy Richie Conroy

"We had over 65 vehicles from family, friends, schoolmates, mom and dad's co-workers and past co-workers, state troopers, the fire department and ambulance. So many people came out to show the family how much love and support they have."

Welcome Home Lilly 4, Courtesy Amanda Wolper
Welcome Home Lilly 5, Courtesy Amanda Wolper
Welcome Home Lilly 6, Courtesy Amanda Wolper

And Walpor says Lilly's parents, Greg and Katie Chambers, want to send a special thank you out to the local doctor who caught the irregularity in Lilly's heartbeat, and to the medical staff at Boston Children's Hospital to saving Lilly's life.

Welcome Home Lilly 5, Courtesy Amanda Wolper

"Lilly will never be able to play sports or do things that would stress out her heart and lungs. There is no cure for pulmonary hypertension and there are very few people who have it and fewer cases of children. Unfortunately, that is because they often don't find it until it is too late. Lilly's doctor at her well-child check saved her life."

Welcome home indeed, Lilly. And we all wish you well in your recovery. Stay safe.

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