When I came across this story almost right away in the Sun Journal, I just assumed it was somewhere out of state. It totally sounds like something out of an episode of Trialer Park Boys. Seriously, who's bright idea was this?! I can only assume they did they other half of the cocaine before they came up with this hairbrained scheme.

Happy birthday!

A couple was arrested on Interstate 295 yesterday in Gardiner, with 4 pounds of cocaine. 4 pounds! But that's not even the crazy part.... These two geniuses decided the best way to disguise their narcotic booty, was to decorate it like a cake and place it in a store wrapper. This gives a whole new meaning to "blow out the candles".

If you check out the link, you can clearly see these drug czars though they could get away with carrying 4 pounds of blow disguised a cake. Like, I can totally see Ricky and Bubbles making this stupid cake and trying to pass it off. Like in the episode where they paved their driveway with hash. Yet, that seems more plausible somehow.

That's one expensive cake!

The street value of the cocaine seized in the stop is about $200,000. That's a whole lot of coke to be taken off the streets of Maine. John Cedeno, 25, of New York, and Chelsy Cochran, 33, from here in Maine, were no strangers to the MDEA. They'd been watching Cedeno for some time, and yesterday was they day they made their move.

Both of these criminals are currently sitting in jail, waiting for their initial court appearances. Cedeno's bail is set at a whopping $750,000, while Cochran's bail is set at $50,000. I'm guessing she wasn't the one who did the wrapping. She probably just put that fake brown frosting on it.

This is one for the books. It's sadly another case where Maine will make the national news for all the wrong reasons. But hey, only one of those folks is from here. That other dude is from away. We all know that people from away tend to do crazy things when they come here to Maine. But this may be the craziest of all.

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