Loose cows seem to be a thing this year.

I remember earlier this summer, there was a sign up in the Alton area that there were cows on the loose, and to watch out for them. Could you imagine driving on the interstate up there, where the speed limit goes up to 75mph, and running into one of those poor creatures. It would've been disastrous.

Normally cows are pretty docile animals, but occasionally they get spooked and bolt. Considering their size, it's not like you can just walk up to one and throw a quick rope around it and bring it home. They are big animals that will definitely let you know who's boss if need be.

Right now, a farmer in Orland is facing a similar challenge.

Sonny Atwood is a farmer down that way, and recently his prized cows got spooked by what he believes was likely a larger predator, and it caused them to go on the run. They've been gone almost a week at this point, and according to the BDN, he's hoping to get them home alive, but is concerned it may not be possible.

His fear is that they could injure a person or get hit by a car, which could be even more devastating. Atwood is hoping by getting the word out through social media that he can get more info on where they might be. They've been spotted a few times, but they're either still spooked and won't come, or they're gone when he arrives on the scene.

According to Fox ABC Maine, they've most recently been seen on Cedar Swamp Road in Orland. They've also been spotted swimming in Alamoosook Lake and then were seen again later on Old Route 1. If you see them, don't approach them, just contact local authorities, or even call the Atwoods at 207-974-9977.

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