When I think of the Farmer's Almanac, I usually associate it with people freaking out about winter, as we've been witnessing all week long. We even posted about it on our website and Facebook page. But as I was looking at the All Of Maine Facebook page, I saw this post and at first, chuckled right out loud, because it made me think of how my grandparents would always talk about the weather in reference to their health issues.

But really....this is amazing. check it out:

We've heard stories over the years about animals predicting earthquakes, or even illnesses in some folks. But as an accurate thermometer during hot weather?! It makes sense...since they're cold blooded, their body temperature goes up and down with the air. But who knew their chirping cycles literally were like nature's Weather Channel?!

Granted, it seems like it would be way easier to just look at the temp on my phone, or turn on the TV, but years ago this was probably serious meteorology! I mean, not everything had to fail back then. Sure, they put leaches on your feet to cure a cold, but who on Earth figured this out about the crickets?!

Either way, I'm definitely going to try it. And what a fun activity to do with your kids! This brings back memories of counting the seconds between the lightning and the thunder to figure out how far away the storm is. So maybe tonight, it's time to chill out in the back yard and listen to the crickets. Even though we already know it's wicked hot. Or is it cricket hot out?!