It's time once again to hit the road, and see what Maine has to offer us local tourists who like to get off the beaten path a bit, and see some of the things that the flatlanders from away have no real idea about. Lord knows, some of us like to get out of the house once in a while, but don't want to go too far, and want to go some place unique and maybe a bit quieter.

So this week, we're headed to the Charlotte Rhoades Park in Southwest Harbor! It's a sweet butterfly habitat that you can meander around for hours. It's not a tough hike or anything like that at all. It's pretty much a flat path that just winds around the property that has been set up specifically to attract butterflies. You'll see all sorts of species that are indigenous to Maine, and be able to get fairly close to them, and take some killer photos.

Charlotte Rhoades was a long time resident of Southwest Harbor, according to, and some years ago, her estate donated the land to the town on the condition that it be set up as a spot for people and families to enjoy. With it's stunningly vibrant flower gardens and landscaping, it is truly a hidden gem in the downeast region.

Photo: Charlotte Rhoades Facebook

With all this color and beauty. it's no wonder that it attracts many different types opf butterflies, which is the park's main attraction. The possibilities are endless as far as what you may see. you're quite likely to see species you've never seen around your yard, and you'll spend a ton of time just trying to spot as many different kinds as you can.

Photo: Acadia Chamber via Charlotte Rhoades Facebook

Depending on when you go, they also offer organic gardening classes for a small fee. Then you could all the inside info about some of the things you could do in your own yard to attract some of the colorful critters. the rest of the time, there is a team of dedicated volunteers, who spend their free time keeping the gardens and paths in tip-top shape for visitors.

This year, being their 20th anniversary, they are planning a butterfly release day on Thursday July 26th, at 3:30 p.m. This alone would be a perfect time to go. You could see all sorts of colors and shapes and sights. It sounds amazing!

So head on down this summer! The park is located at 191 Main Street in Southwest Harbor, on Mount Desert Island, and they're open sunrise to sunset from mid-May through mid-October. If you'd like further information, call them at 207-244-9264, or check out their website,

Now get out there and enjoy it!