It's time to hit the road my friends, and go to someplace where we can get away from it all, and enjoy the beauty of our state. Sometimes when we do that, there can really cool historical lessons to be learned. And even better, sometimes it's something you thought you'd never expect to be able to get so close to.

All these things can be had all at once if you were to take a drive up toward Greenville, and head up the trail on Elephant Mountain and check out the site of a military B-52 plane crash!

Photo via instagram

According to, It happened on January 24th, 1963 when a group of military aviators left the Westover Air Force Base in Massachusetts for a training mission. They were supposed to be doing some low altitude flying and testing a terrain following radar system. As they began their scanning, there was turbulence that caused the vertical stabilizer to shear off, and made the plane begin to dive.

Of the nine people aboard the plane, only the navigator, pilot, and co-pilot were the only ones able to eject. The remaining six unfortunately died in the event, and also eventually the co-pilot succumbed to the elements. To this day, the remains of the crash have been left at the site to honor those who didn't survive, and there's a sign commemorating their service, and tragic ending. A sad day indeed.

Photo via instagram

But from the Bangor area, it's only a couple hours by car, and the drive up that way is absolutely gorgeous in the summertime. As you're cresting Charleston Hill on Route 15, seeing the view of the mountains is just your first taste of the beauty you're in store for as you make the drive.

So as usual, pack the cooler, pack the kids, hit the road, and enjoy another wonderful day with family or friends and take a day trip to Elephant Mountain!