The Bangor City Council is scheduled to vote in a new city manager Monday. Following the departure of the former City Manager Cathy Conlow, who went to work for the Maine Municipal Association last summer, the council appointed long-time Bangor City employee, Deborah Laurie, as interim manager.

Laurie had worked for the City for 30 years, a number of those as finance director for the city.

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Jeff Tuttle
Jeff Tuttle

After conducting a nationwide search, and interviewing "several good candidates," the Bangor City Council came to the decision that the best person for the job was actually sitting right in front of them.

"During her tenure as Interim City Manager she was able to manage the day-to-day operations as well as work collaboratively with the Council and senior staff to navigate a number of complex issues including the pandemic, ARPA funding and homelessness to name a few.  It became apparent that she was well qualified and possessed the characteristics and traits that the City Council was looking for in their next City Manager."

City Council Chairman Rick Fournier said Laurie's well-established relationships throughout the community, are just some of the benefits she brings to the table, that will ultimately help folks work together to make Bangor a better place.

"Working with Debbie as the Interim City Manager, she demonstrated the knowledge and leadership qualities we wanted to work with the City Council and staff to move Bangor forward."

Fournier says Laurie is open and enthusiastic about helping the City in her new role.

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