An incident that started Wednesday morning, and led to a Levant road closure by the afternoon, ultimately ended in an arrest by the evening, authorities say.

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According to the Penobscot County Sheriff's Office, crews were called to the scene of a domestic violence situation on the South Levant Road in Levan at around 10 AM.

When authorities arrived, they were able to help remove a female victim from the scene, when a man,  whom they believe was involved in the incident, refused to cooperate and dispatched a firearm from inside the residence, the Sheriff's Office says.

 At that point, the sheriffs called for extra help.
"The Sheriff’s Office Special Response Team and the Maine State Police tactical team coordinated another approach to the suspect's home. The male initially came out but ultimately refused to surrender, extending the standoff and continuing to put individuals at risk. When additional resources arrived, another attempt was made to secure the suspect. This time the man was taken into custody."
34-year-old Nicholas Bennett of Levant was taken to jail, charged with domestic assault. The Sherrif's Office expects he will face additional charges related to the situation when all is said and done.
Contrary to what some folks thought initially, authorities say that while the Levant Elementary School was located near the residence, it was not involved in the situation, and no one there was in any immediate danger.
Neither Bennett nor any members of law enforcement were injured during the ordeal.

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